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Beauty in the garden, whatever the season!

OK Peter, so this is where you click in the edit box and simply start typing! (you can type over this)

To change the image, simply double-click on it then click on the orange box in teh top RHS of the pop up box and select the image from your own files. Once uploaded, simply click the blue box (bottom RHS) to replace/add to the page (this applies to portfolio pages also).

If you make a mistake, click the curved backward arrow on the overhead toolbar to undo.

To create your first blog post, click here and select 'Add & Edit Posts' > All Posts > This is the title of your first blog post.

Blogs are a great way to connect with your audience and keep them coming back. Blogging is also really good for SEO, so include plenty of keywords that relate to your site/garden design within your posts.

You can add keywords/tags in the box on the right of the page.#Ad

Good luck!

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